A Journey Through Mia Dalma's Mystic Cove
A Pirates of the Caribbean remodel to add Tia Dalma's cove to the ride's storyline while keeping the historic ride's classic elements.
Environment Transformation
The surroundings shift as you enter the cove from the sea or village. Using projection technology and animatronics, the ropes could shift to slithering snakes, banners turn into spidery cobwebs, old urns or golden vases turn into crabs.
Alternate Endings
Since she can tell the future, it would enhance the ride to have multiple endings through her eerie voiceover. In the large room with cannonballs, you can utilize LED walls for the sky/ceiling to enhance the environment, and adding a trail of magical lights in the water to guide the boat. The color of the lights depends on the fate given to you in the middle, lucky or fateful.
Tia Dalma decides your fate
Glimpses of Tia can be seen throughout, specifically in the golden room of trophies through a shadow cast on an old mast or against a wall. Her voice can guide the boat (and maybe flirt with them) at sudden turns, while not being too overpowering. Her face could be projected through a glass in the front of the boat as if she is appearing to the ride goers as a ghost.
Storm Simulation
The boat can go through a storm simulation while going down the drop. Adding whistling wind and rain pouring sound effects could easily add to the drop without splashing more water on the boat.
Locket Retrieval
If the storyline allows, Tia Dalma could be searching for a locket or other valuable item. To show her receiving the item at the end, we could utilize glowing back projections of her face along with a real-life necklace floating and interacting with the projection. Once the necklace is placed on her, a golden boom could explode in the room, making all the objects turn to gold, utilizing white fountains and light effects.
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